Bungonia Creek - Plants

We love cultivating our own plants. This enables us to propagate more of the species that do well in this challenging climate, with its hot dry summers and cold frosty winters. Visitors to the property will be able to purchase some of these plants as shown on the Catalogue page.

One of our workawayers was keen on our flowers and compiled this video - Down on the Farm by Sam Monroe

To facilitate the propagation activities we have built a Redpath Propagation Greenhouse


The greenhouse is a New Zealand design so is built for the strong winds we get here. It has a twin skin that is inflated by a small air blower providing “double glazing” and so far we have not needed to provide any supplemental heating to avoid getting frosted inside the greenhouse


We will be growing a range of herbs in the greenhouse both in and out of the  aquaponics and in the vegetable garden. These will include lavender, rosemary, watercress, basil, oregano and parsley


Irises are well suited to the climate in the Southern Tablelands in that they manage the drought without needing water and flower profusely without needing additional fertilisers. We have a varied collection which we are propagating for use around the garden



The property has a collection of roses that have been established over the last 15 years. We will be propagating these for use around the garden and the vineyard.