We are a small farm practising regenerative agricultural practices. We manage our pastures using Holistic Management. We grow a garlic crop interspersed with cover cropping. Our market garden uses NO DIG for soil beds and we also use Aquaponics, Wicking Beds and Hugel Kulture. We produce nutrient dense food for our own consumption and sell our surplus. We run a series of monthly courses teaching people how to use NO DIG for themselves. We also have a small boutique vineyard producing quality red wines (and other varieties) located in the Merino Country District (between Canberra and the Southern highlands). Our wines include Merlot, Rose, and Riesling. The vineyard was planted in 1995 and we have owned it since 2009. Since Covid, we are not attending any farmers markets so we are opening our rustic cellar door on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and during the week (by appointment)

The 2016 Rose is deliciously fresh with hints of strawberry. We released our 2018 Riesling in June  and it has a lovely crisp finish. Our 2017 Merlot is still tasting delicious. We have not had a grape harvest since 2018 due to a hail storn, the drought and the fires but that means all our wines are getting nicely aged so are worth a taste!!

The eastern boundary of our property is formed by the Bungonia Creek as it winds its way through to the Bungonia Gorge, a popular tourist spot for hikers and canyoners, located in the Bungonia National Park.


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